Data policy for Fitexlog

When you register at FitExLog we save the users username, name and email address.
The password is saved in an encrypted manner and cannot be viewed in clear text by anyone.
Other voluntary information that the user can provide includes a quote, profile picture and a description of you.

When manually registering an exercise, we only save the data that the user provides.
When importing, we save the information that the import file contains, a file the user chooses to upload.

The user id will be saved if the user chooses to write a blog, participate in groups or sending personal messages.
The user id will be saved if the user chooses to comment or like a blog or group post or exercices.

All comments or posts must be in a nice tone and we have the right to warn or suspend a user that writes in a bad manner.

Data is mainly used for the users training diary (calendar, feeds and other places that display exercices.)
If the user has chosen to participate in bloggs, groups or personal messages, the users name will be displayed.

We will never give your information to a third party.

Responsible for this policy
Johan Mårtensson

© 2020